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I need to add a notification to this page saying " Thank you for your feedback" However,the notification did not appear at the correct place,which is above the form.

This is my code.

      $message="tq 4 feedback";

This is where the feedback form. The function i'm using is

    function display_message($message) {
print $message;


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Not sure why if you have the message already you are passing it to a function to display, but you need to "return" the variable from the function. Then you can echo it out wherever you need to.

function display_message($message) {
    return $message;

To call it:

$message="tq 4 feedback";
$returned_message = $common->display_message($message);

And place it where you want:

echo $returned_message;

or just:

$message="tq 4 feedback";
echo $common->display_message($message);
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yes!!...i've tried it and it work....thank you so much for your help –  tqa Feb 10 '12 at 6:29

It's probably an issue with your view, to be honest. What's your view look like?

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it is a feedback form.when the user click on submit button,i want the message saying "thanx for your feedback" to appear at the same page. –  tqa Feb 10 '12 at 6:20

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