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I am currently adding DataColumns to create a DataTable [dtParent]. Then i create new DataRows and add values to each row. After adding values i add the DataRow in a DataTable[dtParent]. After that i start to make my DataGridView [dgvParent] by adding DataGridViewCheckBox and other DataGridViewColumns. I then take the DataGridView [dgvParent] and bind it to a DataSource which is my DataTable [dtParent]

dgvParent.DataSource = dtParent;

At RunTime i get a error message saying "The following exception occurred in the DataGridView: System.FormatException: 1 is not a valid value for Boolean. ---> System.FormatException: String was not recongnized as a valid Boolean.... etc..."

The Value in my DataTable for the DataGridViewCheckBox is stored as a short int in the database.

Storing a short int in a DataGridViewCheckBox does work because i have done it before on a different project, so its not the datatype. And this seems to be at a cell level rather than at a column level.

My Form seems to load and you can see all the other columns loading (including different types of DataGridViewColumns) in the datagridview with its corresponding values but the error appears when the DataGridViewCheckBox comes to load in the DataGridView.

I have been researching messed up and even reading through all the properties for DataGridViewCheckBox but i am getting no where fast. Maybe its the order in which i load things?

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well "1" is not actually valid, a string is quite different from short/int you had tried with, did you try by changing it to an int/short –  V4Vendetta Feb 10 '12 at 6:14
What's the datatype of column in dtParent table corresponding to DataGridViewCheckBox column? Is it the short int type or another datatype (like string, etc)? –  Thinhbk Feb 10 '12 at 6:30
Please check the type of checkbox column in your datatable. –  JKhuang Feb 10 '12 at 7:43
Thanks for the help. The problem was indeed the data type. The DataColumn.DataType was in fact a string, So all i did was change the DataType to Type Int32 and now it works perfectly. –  SpaceApple Feb 10 '12 at 7:45

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