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When come across the Tree conflict : Local add, incoming add upon merge. I know we can use svn resolve --accept working file to resolve it, but SVN prevent me to use accept their-conflict to accept the incoming version, Can anyone tell us how to do it? Does the command svn resolved file is OK?

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One option is to move your local file out of the way, do an svn update, put your file back, and then do an svn commit. Granted it's probably not the "correct" way to do it, but it's probably a lot simpler than playing with the SVN commands. –  aroth Feb 10 '12 at 6:58
@aroth, these files are already existed both in trunk and branch (background: I merge the branch to trunk weekly), in fact, I want to use the one in branch to overwrite the one in trunk, as you said, I need to delete these files in trunk, then commit, then merge them from branch, right? –  abner Feb 10 '12 at 8:41
Did you solve your problem? –  malenkiy_scot May 2 '12 at 19:19
@malenkiy_scot,No,for some history reasons,I didn't verify whether the steps which I indicated are right or not. The tree conflicts are caused by repeating merge, so I deleted the svn:mergeinfo property of the sub directory, let it inherit it's parent one(the correct one), it works in my situation. –  abner May 9 '12 at 9:45

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The right thing to do is detect this problem in a previous --dry-run and delete the local conflicting dir with svn delete before doing the merge.

First scenario: Working copy with the merge already done. Solution: Delete the working copy, checkout a clean copy and do the right thing.

Second scenario: Already commited wrong directory, after svn resolve --accept=working.

You must svn delete the conflicting directory, and rerun the merge from the parent directory of the conflicting directory ignoring mergeinfo. Revert every object except the previous conflicting directory (now there isn't conflict). Check and commit the changes.

Ex. Working copy un WC folder. Your conflict in A/conflictDir directory:

cd A
svn delete conflictDir
svn merge --ignore-ancestry -rbeginRev:endRev <URLrepo/A>
svn -R revert `ls | grep -v conflictDir`
<... check ...>
svn ci -m "conflictDir fixed"
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