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How do I setup a Jenkins job to trigger jobs dynamically defined in a variable/parameter?

Pseudo code for my problem:

  for job in $downstream_jobs
     trigger $job and wait for it.

downstream_jobs_string=<list given from a script>
  • The build action "Trigger/call builds on other projects" and the post-build actions "Parameterized trigger plugin" and "Build other projects" don't allow job names defined in a parameter.
  • I don't seem to get the Build multi-configuration project together with the GroovyAxis plugin to work. It seems like the groovy code isn't run in the job build environment, but during the save of the job configuration.

I understand that you via a script can trigger a dynamic list of jobs via their build-start-URL:s but that seems like a more progrmatically solution which would require more adminstrive work

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Looks like a perfect candidate for Python Jenkins API. Heres is, for example, a command-line interface to invoke a job.

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I'd hoped for a less programatic solution, as I want the Jenkins instance to be maintainable by others than me. But it's a nice approach. The Jenkins remote API is a good last resort when nothing else works;) –  Magnus Feb 10 '12 at 12:37

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