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I got a problem for a script I'm working on: I need the array that normaly gets generated in the query_person() function to be saved in protected static $users to be used across the script. This is just a quick test I made, normally the array gets generated by a query. The script works if I do it like this:

protected static $users = array('paul' => array('p_gebruikersnaam' => "paul", 'p_wachtwoord' => "de3c41cc7918c25822f1fb840a86a84b", 'p_id' => "10000000", 'p_md5' => "d1ca3aaf52b41acd68ebb3bf69079bd1")

but since the array gets generated by a db query I had to put the query in a function but it doesn't work like this then:

protected static $users = array();

public function query_personen(){   
$users = array('paul' => array('p_gebruikersnaam' => "paul", 'p_wachtwoord' => "de3c41cc7918c25822f140a86a84b", 'p_id' => "100000", 'p_md5' => "d1ca3aaf52b41acd68e9079bd1")

How do I make it work so that the second script generates the same output as the first?

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Should be self::$users not $users in your function – matino Feb 10 '12 at 8:23
thanks works :) – Holapress Feb 10 '12 at 8:27
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public function query_personen(){   
$this->users = array('paul' => array('p_gebruikersnaam' => "paul", 'p_wachtwoord' => "de3c41cc7918c25822f140a86a84b", 'p_id' => "100000", 'p_md5' => "d1ca3aaf52b41acd68e9079bd1")

You need to use $this to refer to the object.

If you want it to be static, you should use:

public static function query_personen(){   
self::$users = array('paul' => array('p_gebruikersnaam' => "paul", 'p_wachtwoord' => "de3c41cc7918c25822f140a86a84b", 'p_id' => "100000", 'p_md5' => "d1ca3aaf52b41acd68e9079bd1")

Note that the second function is a static function (Yours in the example isn't so you should use the first version).

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thanks it works – Holapress Feb 10 '12 at 10:23

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