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I have a crystal report that I have to add a Bar Code to. I have downloaded some free and demo TrueType fonts Code 39, Code 128 and UPC from various sources. When I print out the report I can see the bar code but it will not scan with my scanner(the scanner works as I have tested it on multiple other bar codes). Do I need to use something special with Crystal Reports to create a bar code that a scanner can read?

(I have tried printing it on a label printer designed for printing labels so I don't think it is an issue with the paper/resolution)

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Are you exporting it before printing, or are you printing it directly in the native format in the viewer control? –  Daniel Auger May 28 '09 at 20:05
I am exporting it as a pdf and then sending it to users. –  runxc1 Bret Ferrier May 28 '09 at 20:43

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Indeed most barcodes have checksums and/or leading & trailing characters.

The most simple one is Code 3 of 9. To use it you need to start and end the code with an *.


  • to print ABCD you need to use *ABCD*

Some characters require to be escaped as well:

  • to print #123! you need to use */C123/A*

More info on Code 3 of 9.

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Barcodes have check digits embedded in them, and you need to reproduce that in addition to using the font. I believe there are third party libraries for Crystal that properly format barcodes so they are scannable.

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Have you used one of these 3rd party libraries? Which one works... Any free?? –  runxc1 Bret Ferrier May 28 '09 at 18:53
I don't do the Crystal stuff around here, but I think we used Azalea. Some years ago I found a sample for formatting Code128 and adapted for our use. I don't know of anything free, but some of the formatting rules are available for you to implement. –  Robert May 28 '09 at 19:15

You can desing a RPT for your codebar printer, using "Printer Fonts". But you need print using some special code. You can find it at: http://stackoverflow.com/a/19312690/192389

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