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I am doing a Auction site I need help on creating a countdown timer where when the time reach, the product status will change to close I just compare the differences of the date.

$ if (!IsPostBack) { SqlDataReader dtrProduct, dtrMinus;

         conFindPID = new SqlConnection(strCon);
         string conStr = "SELECT * FROM Product WHERE ProductID=@PID";
         SqlCommand cmdCheck = new SqlCommand(conStr, conFindPID);
         dtrProduct = cmdCheck.ExecuteReader();
         if (DateTime.Today >= Convert.ToDateTime(dtrProduct["EndingDate"]))
             if (dtrProduct["Status"] == "Open")
                 conFindPID = new SqlConnection(strCon);

                 string conupdate = "UPDATE PRODUCT SET Status=@PS";

                 SqlCommand cmdupdate = new SqlCommand(conupdate, conFindPID);
                 cmdupdate.Parameters.AddWithValue("@PS", "Closing");
                 string conMinus = "SELECT c.*,p.* FROM Customer c,Product p WHERE c.UserID=p.UserID";
                 SqlCommand cmdMinus = new SqlCommand(conMinus, conFindPID);
                 dtrMinus = cmdMinus.ExecuteReader();
                 if (Convert.ToInt32(dtrMinus["Token"]) < Convert.ToInt32(dtrMinus["CurrentBid"]))

                     int a = Convert.ToInt32(dtrMinus["Token"]) - Convert.ToInt32(dtrMinus["CurrentBid"]);
                     conFindPID = new SqlConnection(strCon);

                     string conComplete = "UPDATE Customer SET Token=@Token";
                     SqlCommand cmdcomplete = new SqlCommand(conComplete, conFindPID);
                     cmdcomplete.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Token", a);

1 more thing: I want to keep on refresh a label when there is changes in value the label is auction current bid where Customer A can direct see the changes if Customer B add more Bid

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What timer are you talking about ? A client side timer hammering your .net backend? If yes, then I dont think it's a good idea... – Sebastian Siek Feb 10 '12 at 9:38

For refreshing a label (or any updating items), you might want to have a look at SignalR, an async signaling library for .NET:

Here's a good Example:

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You can't create a timer web application, even if you can it is not a good aproach, what if user close the page?

you should write a windows service or sql job for updating sql data which depends on time, and if you want to refresh label text, you must create a javascript timer and get data by ajax, then set label text with ajax data.

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