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How does one get SEO friendly url's in sunspot?,

The method of search form is GET as suggested from the rails docs, but now i have a very long query string that looks terrible, is it possible to have it something like


instead of the long

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You could modify your search route to include the params. Something like this within your routes.rb:

  match '/search/:param1/:param2' => 'search_controller#search_action', :as => :search_with_params, :via => :get

Then a user would visit:


Which gives you params[:param1] and params[:param2] to access the values from the url.

If those 2 params are not required for all searches I believe you would also need a route just for the search action:

match '/search' => 'search_controller#search_aciton', :as => :search, :via => :get
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