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I did a gaussian filter and the image become index. I have to use imagesc to show the determine the color difference. How can I convert it to rgb so that I can do further process.

Edited Added some images, top is the 'original image', 'imshow(C)', 'imagesc(C)' respectively. Then I just want the 'C' variable to be like imagesc image. Is it possible??

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Edited Here is my coding, see from gaussian onward

% Read Image
rgb = imread('barcode.jpg');
% Resize Image
rgb = imresize(rgb,0.33);
% Convert from RGB to Gray
Igray = rgb2gray(rgb);
BW2 = edge(Igray,'canny');
% Perform the Hough transform
[H, theta, rho] = hough(BW2);
 % Find the peak pt in the Hough transform
peak = houghpeaks(H);
 % Find the angle of the bars
barAngle = theta(peak(2));
J = imrotate(rgb,barAngle,'bilinear','crop');
Jgray = double(rgb2gray(J));
% Calculate the Gradients
[dIx, dIy] = gradient(Jgray);
%if min(dIx(:))<= -100 && max(dIx(:))>=100 || min(dIy(:))<=-100 && max(dIy(:))>=100
if barAngle <= 65 && barAngle >=-65 && min(dIx(:))<= -100
    B =  abs(dIx) - abs(dIy);
    B = abs(dIy) - abs(dIx);
% Low-Pass Filtering
H = fspecial('gaussian', 20, 10);
C = imfilter(B, H);
C = imclearborder(C);
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There might be something wrong in the process, if you applied gaussian on RGB and got single channel image. Can you show the code? –  Andrey Feb 10 '12 at 12:03
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1 Answer

RGB = ind2rgb(X,map)

RGB is just eye-candy at this point, you can't magically add information that isn't there.


In your code, C is a gray-scale image, because B is gray-scale which in terms is caused by the fact that it is composed from gradients dIx and dIy that originate from an image, you yourself make grayscale explicitly with the line Jgray = double(rgb2gray(J));

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So how can I implement this code into my coding?? –  Kim Feb 10 '12 at 13:44
@Kim, That depends completely on what it is you are trying to achieve here. –  Maurits Feb 10 '12 at 14:35
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