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I know there are questions related to mine, but they do not solve my problem and I cannot find anything on the Internet. I want to create a diagram of the system we created. What I need is stencils with icons for:

  • website
  • database
  • webservice
  • workflow
  • wcf service (not necessarily different from the webservice stencil)
  • windows service
  • Active directory

I would like the webservice to have a gearbox theme in it (something like http://www.coretechnologies.com/images/alwaysup_web_service_logo.gif). Does such set of stencils exist or does everything look like it's from ages ago? (that is what I have found on the net until now)

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I ended up creating my own from PNGs found on the internet. It's not a nice solution, because they are not vector graphics, but at least I could make the schemes I wanted...

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