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yyyymmddhhmmss to YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss in perl?

I have a datetime from user 2012/02/10 00:00:00, and want to change it to2012-02-10 00:00:00, I know regex can do this. Is there any module can do this?

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A module is overkill for this.

(my $iso_date = $slashed_date) =~
   s{^(....)/(..)/(..) (..:..:..)\z}{$1-$2-$3 $4}s;

But here's one if you want one:

package My::Date::Converter;

use Exporter qw( import );
our @EXPORT = qw( date_converter );

sub date_converter {
   my ($slashed_date) = @_;
   (my $iso_date = $slashed_date) =~
       s{^(....)/(..)/(..) (..:..:..)\z}{$1-$2-$3 $4}s;
   return $iso_date;


But if you feel like wasting a lot of CPU, there are existing modules that can do this:

use DateTime::Format::Strptime qw( );

my $slashed_format = DateTime::Format::Strptime->new(
   pattern  => '%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S',
   on_error => 'croak',

my $iso_format = DateTime::Format::Strptime->new(
   pattern  => '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S',
   on_error => 'croak',

my $iso_date = $iso_format->format_datetime(
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use tr:

perl -le '$_="2012/02/10 00:00:00";tr|/|-|;print'
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