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I've got an odd problem I can't seem to resolve. When I call TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones on my Win 7 x64 machine I get 101 results. When I call TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById on each of these and pass the StandardName attribute of the TimeZoneInfo object, 3 of them throw TimeZoneNotFoundException.

Here's a sample:

var tzs = TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones();

foreach (var timeZoneInfo in tzs.OrderBy(t => t.BaseUtcOffset))
  catch (TimeZoneNotFoundException)
    Console.WriteLine(timeZoneInfo.DisplayName + "|" + timeZoneInfo.StandardName + "|" + timeZoneInfo.BaseUtcOffset);


This has trouble finding "Coordinated Universal Time", "Jerusalem Standard Time" and "Malay Peninsula Standard Time". Taking a case like Malaysia, I can see an entry for it when I look at the available time zones in my regional settings, although it's showing the DisplayName attribute rather than the StandardName:

Time zones

However, I can't see it under either name when browsing the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones

What's going on here? Why can't the Malaysia time zone be loaded by name?

Please no alternative time zone implementations using other libraries - I just want to get to the bottom of this issue for now. Thanks!

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TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById method accepts the time zone id as parameter. You're using timeZoneInfo.StandardName instead.

It seems, that for these 3 zones values for TimeZoneInfo.StandardName and TimeZoneInfo.Id properties are different. Using this:


will solve the issue.

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As weird as my code looks in retrospect (i.e. missing the painfully obvious), it's also odd that only 3 out of 101 TZs have a different ID to the standard name! Turns out Malaysia is "Singapore Standard Time". There you go! –  Troy Hunt Feb 10 '12 at 9:52

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