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{ "ok" : 0, "errmsg" : "host already used" }
db.runCommand( { addshard : "localhost:10001" } );
{ "ok" : 0, "errmsg" : "host already used" }

how can i solve that problem? it is "host already used" error

please give me a tips to solve this~

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According to mongodb source code this message say that you've already added this specified host:port as a shard:

// check whether this host:port is not an already a known shard
BSONObj old = conn->findOne( ShardNS::shard , BSON( "host" << host ) );
if ( ! old.isEmpty() ){
   *errMsg = "host already used";
   return false;

You can use listShards command to see your current shards:

db.runCommand( { listshards : 1 } );
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In the js shell run sh.status() and it should give you information about your shard status. –  Ross Feb 10 '12 at 11:12
thanks your comment.. how can i remove wrong shard? –  jamesKim Feb 10 '12 at 13:59

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