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I have method that is returning IQuerable given below:

internal IQueryable<TradeLeads> GetLeadsByCategory(int categoryId)
                _context.BuySells.Where(bs => bs.CategoryId == categoryId).OrderBy(bs => bs.CreationDate).Select(
                    bs => new TradeLeads
                                  Id = bs.Id,
                                  BuySellTypeId = Convert.ToInt32(bs.BuySellTypeId.ToString()) ,
                                  Description = bs.Description,
                                  Flag = bs.Company.Country1.Flag,
                                  MembershipType = bs.Company.MembershipType,
                                  IsUsingSmsNotifications = bs.Company.IsUsingSMSNotifications,
                                  IsVerified = bs.Company.IsVerified,
                                  ProductImagePath = bs.ProductImagePath,
                                  ProductName = bs.ProductName,
                                  CompanyName = bs.Company.CompanyName,
                                  CompanyId = Convert.ToInt32(bs.CompanyId.ToString()),
                                  PostedDate = bs.CreationDate

All fields are having values. I am binding BuySellTypeId in the header template of the repeater control. ASPX is given below, which is in Usercontrol.

        <div class="grdheader">
            <div class="hdrText">
                <h3 id="h3TypeName">
                    </h3> <asp:HiddenField runat="server" ID="HidTypeId" Value='<%#Eval("BuySellTypeId") %>'/>
            <div class="hdrMore">
                <a href='<%#string.Format("ViewAll.aspx?t={0}",Eval("BuySellTypeId"))%>'>
                    <img src="cdn/images/more.png" />
                    View More </a>

I am binding repeater from its parent page something like this. First I changed the protection level of the repeater from protected to public, so that I can access it from any where, without casting or finding from parent page.

  private void BindAllBuyAndSellLeads(int categoryId)
            var repo = new LeadsRepository();
            var list = repo.GetLeadsByCategory(categoryId);
            BindGrid(1, Leads1.LeadsGrid, list);
            BindGrid(2, Leads2.LeadsGrid, list);
        private static void BindGrid(int leadTypeId, Repeater gv, IQueryable<Core.Helper.TradeLeads> list)
            var query = (from p in list
                         where p.BuySellTypeId == leadTypeId
                         select p).ToList();
            Common.BindGrid(query, gv);

here Leads1 and Leads2 are the user control Leads.ascx. That is same usercontrol is placed at two places on page. But i am getting empty while binding. Please help , where and what i am doing wrong.

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Binding in a header will never work. Binding is for ItemTemplate only; you can programmably set the value in the header, but realize the repeater is for binding multiple rows of data; there are multiple items, but only one header. Which BuySellTypeId should be used? The first one? The last one? There is no way for the repeater to tell, so you would have to programmably set the value.

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