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We have a windows jenkins master and two slaves windows and linux slaves.When we try to intall the windows slave as service it shows errors...

WMI.WmiException: UnknownFailure at WMI.WmiRoot.BaseHandler.CheckError(ManagementBaseObject result) at WMI.WmiRoot.ClassHandler.Invoke(Object proxy, MethodInfo method, Object[] args) at WMI.Win32ServicesProxy.Create(String , String , String , ServiceType , ErrorControl , StartMode , Boolean , String[] ) at winsw.WrapperService.Run(String[] _args) at winsw.WrapperService.Main(String[] args)

Could you please help me....

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As I've already suggested in an earlier reply it is better not to run Jenkins as a service on Windows. I had had so many problems with it, that at a certain point I decided that the headache of constantly looking for workarounds simply does not justify the benefits.

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