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I have 2 versions of Qt for different arm devices and different toolchains: Qt 4.5.2 and Qt 4.7.3. Both versions are supposed to be placed in /opt/onyx/arm directory :(

The following error is occurred if I move the 1st Qt build in another directory (/usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi) and run qmake:

export QTDIR=/usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi
/usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi/bin/qmake -o Makefile.qt.onyx.a6x -spec qws/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi-g++ project.pro

Could not find mkspecs for your QMAKESPEC(qws/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi-g++) after trying:
    Error processing project file: project.pro

What could be the issue and how can I resolve the /opt/onyx/arm conflict?

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This is a guess, since I don't have a *nix box to check this on, but something to try is editing all of the .prl files in /usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi/lib and change the QMAKE_PRL_BUILD_DIR to point to /usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi instead of /opt/onyx/arm. –  kenrogers Feb 10 '12 at 15:12

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I would recommend grepping through /usr/arm-marvell-linux-gnueabi for any references to /opt/onyx. If you can't successfully change them (because they're in a binary), you could use symlinks to switch toolchains as needed.

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