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I want to use few php string functions in twig. For e.g.

How to write below code in twing?

if (!empty($message) && substr_count($message, 'blabla')) {
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You can't, and that's the whole point of twig. Template should only take care of displaying data.

In that specific case, you could create a TWIG variable, and simply pass TRUE or FALSE, so that you twig code would look like:

{% if display_message %}
{% enfif %}

You can look at the list of expressions that are available in the twig template, strstr_count is not part of them :(

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Use filters:

{% if message is not empty and ... %}
{% endif %}

I think there is not a substr_count equivalent for twig, you can either make the test and pass the result to the template or create a twig extension and implement it yourself

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