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I ran into an interesting problem. On my site, i swap out content dynamically when hovering over a certain link. This is accomplished by something similar to:


Now inside this #newcontent part, there is a <button>-Element to which I assigned a click event like this: (inside the $(document).ready()-function)


hidden is a css-Class doing the display:none magic. The container #containerName is outside both the element containing the button and the element containing the structure that is being changed with html().

Mockup of the structure at this point

<div id="somethingthatwhenhoveredoverwillswapthecontent">Hover over me!</div>

<div id="box">Change me!</div>

<div id="newcontent" class="hidden">I am renewed!
  <button id="buttonName">Show the weird box at the bottom</button>

<div id="containerName" class="hidden">
  I am content that is only shown when the button is clicked

So what happens is this: the page is loaded, the content swapping script works fine, but the button will not fire it's click event, which for testing reasons didn't even give an alert('whatever');. It looks like once the html() swaps the content from the <div id="newcontent"> to the <div id="box">, the event gets unbound (I suspect).

Is this just me not grasping a concept or is the whole approach done wrong?

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Behind the scenes jQuery is creating a new DOM element, rather than making a 'copy' of the original. Because of this it doesn't have the event handler of the original. You can either manually re-assign the handlers along with your html() call, or you can use delegate() to add the event, like this:

$("#box").delegate("#buttonName", 'click', function(){
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Dear Rory, thank you very much for the explanation and the example. As you can imagine, it instantly solved my problem. Time for me to read up on delegates I would say :) – arvidkahl Feb 10 '12 at 11:36
No worries, glad to help. – Rory McCrossan Feb 10 '12 at 11:39

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