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I am trying to send(copy) all the nginx traffic to Unix Socket.

Here is the related code from my nginx.conf

upstream unixsocket { server unix:/var/www/tmp2.sock; }

post_action /sendLogging
location /sendLogging 
proxy_pass http://unixsocket;

should i start a server in this socket ?

socket -sl /var/www/tmp2.sock

If i do this, i cant see any requests coming to the socket.

Moreover because of the config, my nginx is taking huge CPU 50-90% Just while testing with ONE request.



My mistake, the sock file was not writable by NGINX worker process. Gave appropriate permissions.

The reason for high CPU usage was because of the POST_ACTION tag there was an internal redirect.

If anyone else faces INTERNAL REDIRECT issue with POST_ACTION i solved by returning 444 from the location. this works in my case.


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