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I have installed Android SDK Manager to test web sites on Android Virtual Devices.

I have problem in seeing videos on it: I hear audio normally but I see only black instead of video (controllbar is OK). The video is encoded H264/AAC 1Mbs and plays well on browsers and iPhones emulator.

Do I have to add new hardware properties ? You can see my configuration here

Thanks for your help Paul

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Are you receiving any messages, such as "This video cannot be played"? –  nullability Feb 21 '13 at 17:23

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No, there are no specific hardware properties that are required for video playback. The emulator will only play a limited subset of video encodings while a real device will support a more comprehensive set. GPU emulation might help if your emulator is too slow to play back the video, but is not required.

Make sure your video is encoded using a baseline profile that can be played back in the Android emulator. This answer might help: What formats of video will play in emulator?

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