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I successfully got and compiled android 4.0.3 on ubuntu 11.04. all went fine (after alot of tries :) )
Now im looking for a code overview of the os. I understand the kernel is a different repo (got it also).
Tell me if i got it right - the kernel is ofcurse written in C, but is the entire OS except the core written in Java? i thought only the UI is written in Java and that theres alot of components below the dalvik.
I'm a C/C++ programmer. where do you suggest me to start looking?
I was planning to go over the kernel, but i dont have a test subject to debug it on.. im using the emulator. thanks.

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Here is the famous picture from android developers webpage: Android stack

So, Linux Kernel is a Linux Kernel and written in C/C++. Libraries layer (green parts) are written also in C/C++. The libraries are external projects and just adopted for the use in Android. The sources of these libraries you can find in the external folder.

Android Runtime. DVM is written in C/C++.

All blue rectangles means that these components are written in Java. Application Framework is written in Java. The sources are in the framewokrs folder. But there are also code in this folder that is written in C/C++. Mostly these code is for JNI communication.

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Android is written in a mix of java, C and C++ . UI part is mostly done in Java and frameworks has a mix of java, C and C++. Components other than dalvik are also written in C/C++ . Many of the core services like ActivityManager , surfaceflinger , AudioFlinger are written in C and C++.

As far as linux kernel is concerned you can check this post to get it working

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