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In an EPUB document, if one places an IMG element, the iPad iBook reader provides a scaled photo on the reading page, and if the user touches the photo, the reader then provides a full screen display of the photo.

But if one places two IMG elements inside a TABLE, in the context of my product because I am showing "then" and "now" photos, the reader appears unwilling to respond to touches and provide a full screen display of either photo.

I had developed an Objective C iOS version of this product but was then required by Apple to convert to EPUB. Using the real estate of the iPad to full efficiency under Objective C iOS is not a problem; getting anything like the same results using HTML5 and within the constraints of the iPad iBook EPUB reader functionality, which is a crippled browser, is a nasty problem.

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What's the question? – Freney Oct 23 '12 at 0:53

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