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Said app would be greeted with a login page, which is really nothing more than just the logo and a button that logins via Facebook Connect.

Should login succeed, it will be greeted with 3 main Windows (or Views), that is navigable via the bottom tab. These views would allow the user to put the focus on a model, and hence transit into a common View that shows detailed information about it.

(IE: Think about an address book, there are 3 views to list contact info differently. Clicking on a contact expands into a new View. This view would have a top tab that has a back button to go back to the navigable 3 views, but in this focused view, the bottom bar is gone.)

In the focused view, it allows me to go deeper into more views, such as a View for sharing the contact, and again, allows me to have a back button to go back.

Thats it :)


LOGIN (one-way)-> View1 / View 2 / View3 (With bottom tab navigable) -> Focused View -> Sharing View

PS: I apologise for the poor understanding of terms used, I am beginning iPhone dev and would really rather get the architecture correct, and then dive into development. I also came from an Android perspective, if that matters :)

Thanks a lot!

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Start by reading the Apple documentation. For example, View Controller Programming. This question isn't really related to a specific programming issue. – Nick Bull Feb 10 '12 at 12:03
I did, and am still reading it. Are you saying that architectural design is not part of programming? I beg to differ. – nubela Feb 10 '12 at 12:24
No, I'm saying that it is too broad a question for StackOverflow - it isn't related to a specific programming issue that has a specific answer. – Nick Bull Feb 10 '12 at 12:51
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I think your login view should be represented by a simple UINavigationController or even a UIViewController.

The next 3 views with bottom tab to navigate is synonymous to UITabBarController. Each tab in this tabbarcontroller can in turn be a set of UI view controllers packaged inside a uinavigationcontroller.

You can hide the bottom tabbar by displaying any of those UIViewControllers modally

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