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I trying to port a WinForms project to WPF. But I am have some trouble with the Data-Binding.

My WinForms program has DataGrid which uses a column in the form Data Binding Combobox

His **Data** properties:
DataPropertyName **Developer**
DataSource **developerBindingSource1**
DataMember **DeveloperName**
ValueMember **Developer**

And next code

developerBindingSource1.DataSource = DT.Developer;
taskBindingSource.DataSource = DT.Task;
typeTaskBindingSource.DataSource = DT.TypeTask;

developBindObjBindingSource.DataSource = DevelopBindObj.GetBindingList(DT.Developer);
typeTaskBindObjBindingSource.DataSource = TypeTaskBindObj.GetBindingList(DT.TypeTask);

I use additional class for dataBinding

class DevelopBindObj
    public Developer Developer { get; private set; }
    public string DeveloperName
            return this.Developer.FIO;
        private DevelopBindObj(Developer Developer)
            this.Developer = Developer;
    public static IBindingList GetBindingList(IEnumerable<Developer>Developers)        {BindingList<DevelopBindObj> result = new BindingList<DevelopBindObj>();
    foreach (var ee in Developers)
        result.Add(new DevelopBindObj(ee));
    return result;

And how can I do it in WPF?

I've tried:

<DataGridComboBoxColumn x:Name="iDTypeTaskColumn"
                        Header="IDType Task"
                        SelectedValuePath="{Binding Source={StaticResource bindObjectsTaskViewSource}, Path=TypeTask}"
                        DisplayMemberPath="{Binding Source={StaticResource bindObjectsTaskViewSource}, Path=TypeTaskName}"
                        ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource bindObjectsTaskViewSource}}" SelectedItemBinding="{Binding Path=tblDevTypeTask}">

But this doesn't work.

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SelectedValuePath and DisplayMemberPath should be property names on the items in the ComboBox, not bindings

<DataGridComboBoxColumn x:Name="iDTypeTaskColumn"
                        Header="IDType Task"
                        ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource bindObjectsTaskViewSource}}" 
                        SelectedItemBinding="{Binding Path=tblDevTypeTask}">

Where bindObjectsTaskViewSource is a collection of objects, and each object in that collection has a property called TypeTask and TypeTaskName

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Is your bindObjectsTaskViewSource declared anywhere in the resources for it to be accessible this way ... {StaticResource bindObjectsTaskViewSource}

If not then you should first learn basics of WPF to understand difference between Source as StaticResource and Source as DataContext.

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