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I am using spring 3 in my app and facing one problem. I have configured spring security like this in my xml file :

<bean id="authenticationFilter"     class=""
        p:sessionAuthenticationStrategy-ref="sas" p:usernameParameter="username"
        p:passwordParameter="password" **p:customparameter="mycustomparameter"** p:filterProcessesUrl="/validate_user.jspx"
        p:postOnly="true" />

But after initializing the spring context, I am getting exception that mycustomparameter doesn't have any getter/setter and not found and so..

So I need to pass my custom param to my custom authenticatemanager class (where I am getting uname and pwd in authentication object).(I may get this additional info in authentication.getDetails()) Also I have this field in my login.jsp page like -

<s:hidden label="Password" id="login_form_mycustomparameter" name="mycustomparameter"
value="false" cssClass="txtbox" required="true" />

Is it possible ? If not, please suggest alternative way to achieve this ?


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The customparameter is attempting to call UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.setCustomparameter which does not exist. Therefore you need to create a custom Filter that extends UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter and provides a setCustomparameter method. The custom Filter you create would then need to create a custom Authentication object that contains this custom parameter. Last, you would need a custom AuthenticationProvider that then utilizes the custom parameter when authenticating the user.

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Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to create custom authentication object ?? Can you please post some example code ?? – Ved Feb 13 '12 at 4:58

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