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In MMO game user account statistics stored in .dat file. I know this is python pickle. Im not professional in py (really i dont know this language) all then i can wrote

data = pickle.load(fp)

And i get output like these

 {(2, 1): (1315840806,
'\x14\x00&#nNWH\x00\x00\x06\x90\xb3\x00\... lostsa bytes),
  (2, 17): (1327141794,

I wanna to extract information from this. Format should be like these

offs byte
  0  11
  1  00
  2  ac ;last batt time(4)
  3  8d ;last batt time(4)
  4  54 ;last batt time(4)
  5  4d ;last batt time(4)
  6  e8 ;battle lifetime(4)
  7  69 ;battle lifetime(4)
  8  00 ;battle lifetime(4)
  9  00 ;battle lifetime(4)
 10  04 ;maxfrags (1)
 11  db ;xp (4)
 12  95 ;xp (4)
 13  00 ;xp (4)
 14  00 ;xp (4)
 15  6f ;maxXP (2)
 16  06 ;maxXP (2)

and so on...

I has no idea how to get byte code in python, and what king of data is

 {(2, 1): (1315840806,

object? array? How to iterate over it. And how i can save data as binary string to analyse it? Code sample is appreciated, but some ways to move on should be useful to. Thanx.

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[] denote lists, () denote tuples (immutable lists), and {} denote dictionaries (i.e. maps).


 {(2, 1): (1315840806,
'\x14\x00&#nNWH\x00\x00\x06\x90\xb3\x00\... lostsa bytes),

At the top level, this is a tuple:

  • The first element is the scalar 8.
  • The second element is a dictionary, of which we're only seeing part of the first entry:
    • The key of the entry is the tuple (2, 1).
    • The value of that entry is also a tuple; it starts with 1315840806 followed by a string containing what looks like some binary data.

Hope you get the idea.

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Thanks, good start for me – mrSombre Feb 10 '12 at 12:19
Thanks again, i get it!!! – mrSombre Feb 10 '12 at 13:59
@DmitryBarsukov: You're welcome! – NPE Feb 10 '12 at 14:00

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