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I've been long looking for a good API to integrate a PDF viewer in my application. I tried some open source libraries like Android PDF viewer, but the documentation and the design made very hard to get it in my application as I want. My question is: is there anybody of you using a good designed pdf api, preferably with paid licence? I first looked at Adobe site so I found that the sdk is provided by this company.


Anybody used it? And can you please help me with general situation? Thanks

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You could try MuPDF, there is an android port of the library and the (simple) viewer.

You can find more details, including download links, here:


Disclosure: I am an employee of Artifex Inc, who distribute both MuPDF and ghostscript commercially.

The MuPDF and Ghostscript developers can be found on the #ghostscript IRC channel on freenode.net, and are more than willing to discuss all kinds of PDF problems especially with regard to MuPDF or (obviously) Ghostscript.

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You should also have a look at Qoppa's Android library for Android.

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