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can someone tell me if AcrobatAccessLib (Acrobat Access 3.0 Type Library) in com references can be used for text searching in pdf document? It contains class PDDom, but I dont know if I can load document into it or, how to work with it.

(I dont wanna use iTextSharp, and others, I tryied it but not works as I wanted - pdf has corrupted number paging + contains tables, that are across 2 pages - iTextSharp finds me searching text on both pages - instead of 1, but if I use Acrobat Reader - it works well)

EDIT: Or another question, Can I use acrobat reader and its searching module in my application?

I am working in c#

Thanks a lot!

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in that dll have pdfwrapper class, this class provides lots methods to get text from pdf. The FindText method used to get a text from a particular position, and exportToText method gives content of pdf page

from that content u will search the pdf content..

am using tat DLL and searching the pdf content with out any issue..

try it and let me know..

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there are functions for text search, but how can I get number of page where text was found? f.e - int c = a.FindFirst("A9F03102", PDFLibNet.PDFSearchOrder.PDFSearchFromdBegin, false, true); c=1 but this text is on 68 page – Martin Ch Feb 10 '12 at 15:06
k.. use exportTotext method which gives full pdf text, here u search the text from startpage to endpage, between the for loop u 'll find the text on page.. – Prabhakaran Feb 11 '12 at 7:29

If money is not an issue, I would by the Aspose PDF components. They work pretty well and are built for server usage.

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