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How do I get the index location in DisplayTag lib ?

I've been trying the following but appreantly it's not right:

    <display:table name="${actionBean.templateItems}" id="templateItems" defaultsort="">
      <display:column title="Product" property="name"/>
        <stripes:hidden name="templateItems[%{#attr.row_rowNum - 1}].id" value="${}"/>
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displaytag uses the id attribute of the table tag, and appends "_rowNum" to this attribute, to define another attribute containing the current row number.

So, the attribute, in your case, is named templateItems_rowNum. And as any page scope attribute, you access it using ${templateItems_rowNum}:

<stripes:hidden name="templateItems[${templateItems_rowNum - 1}].id" 
                value="${}" />

You shouldn't use a plural form (templateItems) to refer to a single object. It makes things very confusing. The current element should thus be named templateItem.

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I agree on the plural, thanks for catching that typo :) –  Chris Johnson Feb 10 '12 at 13:15

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