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My app works fine on rails server but when I deploy it on Heroku I get this SyntaxError. The strangest thing is that I don't have any /app/app directory. Why is it twice?

You can check all the code here.

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The /app root is something that heroku does (just interpret the first /app as the absolute path to your app). That's not the issue here, instead it's that you added a whitespace where no whitespace is allowed:

<%= form_tag (some, expression, here) do   # breaks
<%= form_tag(some, expression, here) do    # compiles

This shouldn't have worked on your machine in the first place (maybe previous Ruby versions accepted that Syntax, but Ruby 1.9 won't for sure).

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Thank you! I can't try it know, but this should be the reason. – Fernando Á. Feb 10 '12 at 13:18

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