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I am using the following code for changing the time from IST to EST... But Perl says "invalid offset : IST" and The timezone 'EST' could not be loaded, or is an invalid name.

Can any one please help?"

use DateTime; 
use DateTime::Format::Strptime;  
my $val = "20090103 12:00";  
my $format = new DateTime::Format::Strptime(                 
                    pattern => '%Y%m%d %H:%M',          
                                            time_zone => 'IST',                 );  
my $date = $format->parse_datetime($val);  
print $date->strftime("%Y%m%d %H:%M %Z")."\n";  
print $date->strftime("%Y%m%d %H:%M %Z")."\n"; 
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Using indirect object notation (new DateTime::Format::Strptime(..)) is a bad habit. Use DateTime::Format::Strptime->new(...) instead. –  Dave Cross Feb 10 '12 at 14:06

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According to this site, IST is used for several countries:

IST Israel Standard Time    Asia    UTC + 2 hours
IST India  Standard Time    Asia    UTC + 5:30 hours
IST Irish  Standard Time    Europe  UTC + 1 hour

So, instead of using IST, use for example Europe/Dublin

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Use an Olson DB time zone names like "Asia/Jerusalem" and "America/New_York" instead of "IST" aund "EST". You can look them up here.

See and for details

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Instead of IST, use the Olsen name of Asia/Kolkata.

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