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in my MVC3 app i have all my Controllers inherit from a custom BaseController (which in turn inherits from Controller). Is there any any way to fetch the RouteData.Values from the requested url here?

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What are you trying to achieve? – swapneel Feb 10 '12 at 13:42

Well, RouteData.Values should be directly available from any controller action - so you can just address it from your controllers. Do you have any specific piece of code that has problems with that?

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yes it was available from the Controllers inself but not in my custom BaseController. i managed to fetch with the HttpContext solution that Hugoware provides here:… – stefjnl Feb 10 '12 at 13:56
I've checked this in my own project which also has Controllers inherited from custom BaseController - so exactly the same situation - and it worked for me. What specific error do you get and in what part of code? Well, if you've found a solution then nevermind. – Sergey Kudriavtsev Feb 10 '12 at 13:59
Sergey, thanks for your reply. yes ive found a solution but to sketch the problem: in my custom BaseController, RouteData.Values["country"] was always null. i had to use Hugoware solution to be able to access the values from RouteData in my BaseController. – stefjnl Feb 10 '12 at 14:48

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