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I had this sub Formatting Date::Manip's Delta to days which worked perfectly after I used the help in the answer. Today I run my code again and I get Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at the line @val = $delta->value();

sub calc_usage {

    my $date_from;
    my $date_to;
    my $delta = new Date::Manip::Delta;
    my $period = 0;
    my $i;
    my @val;

    for $i (0 .. $#DATE_HOLDER_USAGE) {
        $date_from = new Date::Manip::Date;
        $date_to = new Date::Manip::Date;


        $delta = $date_from->calc($date_to, "business");
        @val = $delta->value();

        my @year_from = $date_from->value();
        my @year_to = $date_to->value();

        if ($date_to->is_business_day()) {
            $period += $val[3]+1;
        } else {
            $period += $val[3]

    $YEARLY_ALLOC_HTML = $period;

I have no idea why this started happening.

I call the function after the @DATE_HOLDER_USAGE is filled, and I have the imports

use Date::Manip::Date;
use Date::Manip::Delta;
use Date::Manip;

(probably not all of them necessary?)

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Could you show us some values contained in @DATE_HOLDER_USAGE? Are all of them producing error? – Toto Feb 10 '12 at 14:11

Schoolboy error, I had a new condition restraining the filling of the @DATE_HOLDER_USAGE Braking the code, effectively feeding non date elements to the date parser, getting out no values out of them.

In reply to M42's comment

my @dates;
$dates[0] = $DATE_FROM;
$dates[1] = $DATE_TO;
$DATE_HOLDER_USAGE[$inc] = [@dates];


2012-12-28  2013-01-02
2012-06-18  2012-06-29
2012-02-16  2012-02-21

but in some cases there wont be a $dates[0] and $dates[1] at all at some places in the holder just undefs I suppose.

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Is your problem resolved? – Toto Feb 10 '12 at 15:04
Yes I made sure I get all the data in and replied to my answer, everything works – Recct Feb 10 '12 at 15:48

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