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I have a database of materials that is split into two tables, A and B, each of which contains the name of the material, a property and a reference for the property. Each material can have multiple properties and thus multiple references. I then join the two tables on the name of the material, resulting in a table with on row per material (and a column for each property).

The problem is that I would like to merge all references for a given material into a single, non-repetitive list. Right now I have a column with a group_concat(distinct) of all references for a material from table A and one column with all references for a material from table B. I can naturally manually concat them references_A || ", " || references_B but that does not get rid of duplicates.

Below is a minimal example, creating the first table:

CREATE TABLE "attributes" (
INSERT INTO "attributes" VALUES ('DAY', 'Si/Al ratio', '∞', 'XYZ');
INSERT INTO "attributes" VALUES ('NaY', 'Si/Al ratio', '2.4', 'XYZ');

Creating the second table:

CREATE TABLE "properties" (
INSERT INTO "properties" VALUES ('DAY', 300, 'capacity', 5.36, 'XYZ');
INSERT INTO "properties" VALUES ('DAY', 320, 'capacity', 7.44, 'XYZ');
INSERT INTO "properties" VALUES ('NaY', 300, 'capacity', 6.8, 'ABC');
INSERT INTO "properties" VALUES ('NaY', 300, 'capacity', 9.4, 'ABC');

And creating the combined view:

    max(case when at.attribute = 'Si/Al ratio' then at.value end) `SiAl`,
    avg(case when = 'capacity' then pr.value end) `capacity`,
    group_concat(distinct pr.reference) `reference_pr`,
    group_concat(distinct at.reference) `reference_at`
FROM attributes at
LEFT JOIN properties pr ON =
GROUP BY, pr.Tmp

As to why I start with two tables see my previous question: SQLite pivot via case - how to fill down a column

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Could you use a subquery to do a Distinct or something ? – FMaz008 Feb 10 '12 at 14:11
As far as I understand distinct in SQLite, it only works on rows, ie, when condensing multiple rows into one, it ensures that there are no duplicate rows left, it does not work when combining columns (where only a manual concatenation works). If something like SELECT distinct (column_A, columnB) 'newname' worked, it would be the solution for me. – sseelenluft Feb 10 '12 at 14:25
Yeah, but using a subquery, in the deepest query, can you concat 2 columns as one.. then do a distinct on the higher query.. ? – FMaz008 Feb 10 '12 at 14:26
Sorry, edited my comment. What works naturally is column_A || column_B, but that is not distinct. – sseelenluft Feb 10 '12 at 14:28
I don't have sqlite environnement to test, but my idea is something like: SELECT DISTINCT(sub.groupCol) FROM (SELECT a || b as groupCol) as sub – FMaz008 Feb 10 '12 at 14:33

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