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For an iOS project I'm using GAE (Java stack) to store the user's device token and use it to send Push notifications.

I have a Device entity which contains several fields, including "appVersion" field of type String. The database contains some Devices with version 1 and some with version 2.

When I run a JDO query to find all devices with "appVersion" equals to 2 it returns the expected result, but when I do the same with version 1 the query return no result, although there are Entities which match this condition.

This is the code:

javax.jdo.Query query = _pm.newQuery(Device.class, "appVersion == appVersionParams");

query.declareParameters(String.class.getName()+" appVersionParams");

List<Device> results = (List<Device>) query.execute(message.getAppVersion());

I verified several times that the Device Entities with version 1 are stored correctly (the type is String and contains the right, trimmed value which indeed match exactly to the parameter I'm passing).

I first encountered this issue on the Dev environment, so I deleted the local DB and created test entities and run the Query again - this time it returned the expected results for version 1 and 2. But after I restarted the server it again returned false results for version 1 (while doing good with version 2). Hoping it was just a bug on the local dev env. I deployed it to the production environment and it returned only 4 entities (there are few thousands match this condition) - all entities were stored in the same way/API.

I also tried to switch from JDO to the low level APIs to fetch the Entities but i got the same weird behavior. This is the code for it:

Query q = new Query("Device");
q.addFilter("appVersion", FilterOperator.EQUAL, message.getAppVersion());

I'm going nuts here.. what's going on ??

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Try with this.appVersion in the query. –  Viruzzo Feb 10 '12 at 14:31
Thanks, i tried it locally and also deployed it to GAE but the results are the same. I got only few entities back when i'm expecting thousands. –  Amir Naor Feb 10 '12 at 15:16
Are you sure you are persisting them correctly? I mean, if you don't filter then do you get them all as expected? –  Viruzzo Feb 10 '12 at 16:35
yes, I verified it both on the dev & productive env.: when i remove the filter i get all Entities. Is there a way to debug the query in some way? –  Amir Naor Feb 10 '12 at 16:55
Yes: you shouldn't. If you change the class of the objects JDO is going to get very confused, even more so if you don't specify correctly different serialVersionUIDs when modifying. –  Viruzzo Feb 11 '12 at 18:37

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The problem was related to a modification I made to the persistent Entity structure/schema without proper use of serialVersionUID. See the question's comments for more details, specifically Viruzzo's one.

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