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I have a problem. I use XAMPP 1.7.7 under Windows XP. I've changed the port in server.xml because I have this port with other application. I start tomcat server from catabalina.bat perfect in the new port. I change the port for tomcat in XAMPP.INI with the new port. Restart the computer. And I try again to start tomcat server from XAMPP Control Panel but I see log as "Busy port - Tomcat 8080". The tomcat server start but I want to avoid this message in the XAMPP Control Panel. So when you press de button for going to the tomcat by browser the url is with the old port.

Where can change the port? What Can I do?

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Which port did you change in server.xml? –  EJP Jul 1 '12 at 22:33

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This is link to modify config

after that you have to start and stop service

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most of the time the tomact port 8080 is blocked by oracle 10g's "TNSLSNR.EXE". Before start tomcat from XAMPP control panel, start the task manager, click on to the process tab of the task manager window.Find the "TNSLSNR.EXE" process. select "TNSLSNR.EXE", click on the end process button. If you don't show the "TNSLSNR.EXE" in the process list, then click show processes from all user button to find the "TNSLSNR.EXE". "TNSLSNR.EXE" process will be available in the processes list. Select "TNSLSNT.EXE", click on the end process button. After stopping the "TNSLSNR.EXE" start the tomcat from XAMPP control panel. Click on to the admin button of tomcat in xampp control panal. The admin page will run on browser.

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In the xampp directory, go to C:\xampp\tomcat and double click "catalina_start.bat" This should start up tomcat in the port you specified. you can check that it is running correctly by going to


hope this helps.

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Doesn't answer the question. He is already doing all that, except that he has the correct .bat filename and you don't. -1. –  EJP Jul 1 '12 at 22:31

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