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I'm trying to backup a few registries remotely. I got this far (With some Google help), but, for these UNC paths, there is somewhere I need to enter logon/password credentials, as this didn't work. Can someone tell me where to edit?

echo ### Backing up the Registry...
if not exist "\\remoteserver\c$\registry" mkdir "\\remoteserver\c$\registry"
if exist "\\remoteserver\c$\registry.reg" del "\\remoteserver\c$\registry.reg"
regedit /e "\\remoteserver\c$\registry.reg"

Backup Complete!
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Two options:

  • Establish a NETBIOS connection manually first.

Like this:


You will be prompted for your password. This establishes a NetBIOS session with the remote server. You should be able to see the shared folders and shared printers on the remote server once you have done that.

  • Start the process on the remote machine in the first place.

See this answer for a full explanation of how to do this using SCHTASKS.EXE:

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Thanks for the reply ben. So from my desktop, i can run that in DOS first, then use the command as I pasted it originally? Start which process on the remote machine? NETBIOS? –  amalik Feb 10 '12 at 19:08
@user1202223 the first choice, using NET USE, prevents you from having to enter your password. Then you can just use your existing code. –  Ben Mar 27 '12 at 22:04

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