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I am new to android and so planning to start with Hidden Object game. I had few question to ask will it be feasible to make hidden object with android or I should use Cocos2d ( in a way both will be new experience for me ). As I was working with what will be the logic and how will I make that game.

If I use only android libraries for the Hidden Object game then how will I do that one scene n number of layer ( logic what I thought is One scene i.e. Image and n object will be place in n layer ) now how will I work with n layers at a time is it possible in the android ? or anything that sort of ?

How will I go about object found or object touched part ( I was thinking that keeping one transpartent color rectangle on the object image and the touched will find the rectangle position ? ( I may be wrong sorry just sharing what i thought)

All suggestions are appreciated....

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One question per question post usually works much better on this site. Try breaking up and refactoring your question so that you can ask a small, well-defined and answerable question. –  Mark Byers Feb 10 '12 at 14:25
ok i will seperate it ...thanks .. –  user1201239 Feb 10 '12 at 14:27

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What I would recommend is to start with a reading a book about Android Game Development. If you just start developing a game, without proper knowledge about game development, you'll end up with a game that will run slowly, will look bad on some devices, and maybe will not be playable at all.

Here is a good book for Beginning Android Games.

I am not aware of any books for Cocos2D for Android and there are very few tutorial so I would recommend using Android without Cocos2D, since for your type of game, it would be not such a complex task (but still, reading/learning the basics of game development will help you A LOT).

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@ thanks dude... –  user1201239 Feb 10 '12 at 16:21

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