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I want to generate a JavaScript stub for invoking the RESTful web service defined in this wadl:

I tried with the NetBeans REST Web Service plugin on NetBeans 7.0.1. I downloaded the Wadl in my file system and started the JavaScript stub generation. It generated many JavaScript files, but they are incomplete. For instance the object resources is an empty array.

Can you please tell me what I'm missing to generate a running JavaScript stub with NetBeans? Or do you know any other tool to generate a JavaScript stub from WADL?

Note: NetBeans include a full running sample:

New Project/samples/Java Web Services/REST: Customer Database

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Couldn't find one though you could manually build that API with my plugin I could add WADL parsing to it though it seems not very popular - Why the slow WADL uptake?. I'll add an issue for it and if it gets some +1s I'll spend some time on it.

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