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Before I used PDO and it worked fine but I had problems with inserting pictures. Now I switched to SQLite3 and the pictures are now stored correctly. But I'm experiencing a strange problem with SQLite3. Every INSERT INTO command is done twice. And this only concerns INSERT, because I had no problems with UPDATE or DELETE.

This is my test script

    $db = new DatabaseQuery();

    $sql = 'INSERT INTO Bezeichnungen(Bezeichnung_de,Bezeichnung_en,Bezeichnung_it) values("test","test","test");';
    $result = $db->ExecuteQuery($sql);
    echo "<pre>";
    echo "</pre>";

This is my database class:

    class DatabaseQuery {
        private $_handle;

        public function ExecuteQuery($sql, $params = array())

            echo $sql;
            echo "<strong>execute Query params</strong><pre>";
            print_r ($params);
            echo "</pre>";
            echo count($params);

            // make new connection if not available
            if($this->_handle == null)
            // make prepared statement
            $query = $this->_handle->prepare($sql);
            // add values to prepared statement depending on type
            foreach($params as $key => $value)
                    $query->bindValue(':'.$key, $value, SQLITE3_INTEGER);
                }else if(is_null($value)){
                    $query->bindValue(':'.$key, $value, SQLITE3_NULL);
                }else if(strpos($value, "home/www/") !== false){
                    $query->bindValue(':'.$key, $value, SQLITE3_BLOB);
                    $value="X'" . strtoupper(bin2hex($value));
                    $query->bindValue(':'.$key, $value, SQLITE3_TEXT);
            $result = $query->execute();

            // get all results
            while($row = $result->fetchArray(SQLITE3_ASSOC)){
                $res[] = $row;


            return $res;

        public function Connect()
            $this->_handle = new SQLite3("database.db");

        public function Disconnect()
            // close database connection

And this is the create statement of my table

CREATE TABLE Bezeichnungen
_id              INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
Bezeichnung_de   TEXT,
Bezeichnung_en   TEXT,
Bezeichnung_it   TEXT

Either I'm using SQLite3 the wrong way or the used library has a bug.

I'm using PHP 5.3.9, SQLite3 module version 0.7-dev and SQLite Library

Perhaps someone can test my code on his plattform and tells me if he has the same problem.

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