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I'm doing a project about cooking recipes with PHP(with Codeigniter) and MYSQL.

I have three tables:

  • Ingredients - id, name.
  • Recipe - id, name
  • ing_to_rep - recipe_id, ingredient_id (I use this table for holding which recipe has which ingredients.)

What is the query for "get all recipes which have eggs (id = 64) and salt (id = 65)"

I tried:

SELECT * FROM recipe JOIN ing_to_rep ON recipe.id = ing_to_rep.rep_id 
WHERE ing_to_rep.ing_id = 64 AND ing_to_rep.ing_id = 65

Naturally, it returns nothing but it helps you to get what I'm trying to do.

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There is probably a more efficient way and a more flexible way, but two subquery joins will do:

FROM recipe
  JOIN (SELECT recipe_id FROM ing_to_rep WHERE ingredient_id = 64) AS ing1 ON recipe.id = ing1.recipe_id
  JOIN (SELECT recipe_id FROM ing_to_rep WHERE ingredient_id = 65) AS ing2 ON recipe.id = ing2.recipe_id

Also can be done with EXISTS

  EXISTS (SELECT recipe_id FROM ing_to_rep ing1 WHERE ingredient_id = 64 AND recipe.id = ing1.recipe_id)
  AND  EXISTS (SELECT recipe_id FROM ing_to_rep ing2 WHERE ingredient_id = 65 AND recipe.id = ing2.recipe_id)
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these both are working really good. thank you very much! –  dhargan Feb 10 '12 at 15:28
This solution has a disadvantage: CI (ActiveRecord) doesn't support subqueries! See my subquery-free solution :) –  uzsolt Feb 13 '12 at 19:31

Another solution would be something like

SELECT * FROM recipe r JOIN 
(SELECT recipe_id FROM ing_to_rep 
 GROUP BY recipe_id
 HAVING SUM(IF(ingredient_id IN (64, 65), 1, 0)) = 2) gr ON r.id = gr.recipe_id

I am not sure about the performance, you have to try by yourself.

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That's a novel method. +1 –  Michael Berkowski Feb 10 '12 at 17:30

A subquery-free method (CI's AR doesn't support subquery):

FROM recipe
JOIN ing_to_rep ON (ing_to_rep.id_recipe=recipe.id AND (ing_to_rep.ing_id=64 OR ing_to_rep.ing_id=65))
GROUP BY recipe.id
HAVING COUNT(ing_to_rep.ing_id)=2

You can use this solution CI's ActiveRecord.

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