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I toying with a project where I can position objects runtime on the screen. I also have an small "preview"-window, where I want to see the outline of the objects.

I have an object array who have size and location on the "scene". Now I want to loop through my scene-objects and create one picturebox in the preview-window for each object in the "scene".

So, I have the size of the "Scene" and an array of the objects that are visible on the scene. Every object have an size and location mapped to the scene.

I also have a preview window that have an dynamic size. How do I create a preview that scales down to the preview window? To make it easy, I loop through the scene objects in the scene and create a picturebox on the preview-form for each object, that uses the preview-forms size to do the scaling.

SceneSize=new size(800,600) 
PreviewSize=new size(80,60) 

For each obj as SceneObject in Scene
   dim p as new picturebox
    p.size=?? scaling here (we have obj.size and obj.location)
    p.location=?? scaling here (we have obj.size and obj.location)
    previewWindow.controls.add (p)


Any example in .Net would be nice.


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Bob Powell's site on GDI+ might have some useful information on how to proceed. Check out his page on Matrix Transformations. This article might provide you with some good ideas on how to proceed

Bob Powell GDI+ Transformations

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Thanks. It was good information there, +1. – Stefan May 30 '09 at 0:30
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This did the trick, it wasn't harder than that.

Function GetPreviewRectangleForObject(ByVal ScreenSize As Size, ByVal PreviewSize As Size, ByVal OriginalRect As Rectangle) As Rectangle
    Dim xFactor As Integer = ScreenSize.Width / PreviewSize.Width
    Dim yFactor As Integer = ScreenSize.Height / PreviewSize.Height
    With OriginalRect
        Return New Rectangle(.X / xFactor, .Y / yFactor, .Width / xFactor, .Height / yFactor)
    End With
End Function
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