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(I have no collage model, could that be the problem?)

I'm trying to create a form in HAML, Rails, and Mongoid and I can't get the naming of each field right.

Collage is a group of 15 Works, Works have a column called "slide_number" that is either the slide number if they're in the collage or nil if they aren't.

This is the line (in _form.html.haml) that's giving me trouble:

 = f.input "slide_"+(index+1).to_s, :collection =>{|w| [, w._id]}

If I do the following line the form is rendered, but all dropdowns are labelled "One" and when I submit the form I only get info from the last form (because everything is named the same).

= f.input :one, :collection =>{|w| [, w._id]}


def edit
    @collage = Work.excludes(:slide_number => nil).order_by([:slide_number, :asc])
    @work = Work.all.order_by([:slide_number, :asc])
    slides =
    15.times do |index|
      if Work.where(:slide_number => index+1).first
        slides << Work.where(:slide_number => index+1)
        slides << nil
      @slides= slides


= semantic_form_for :collage do |f| 
    - @slides.each_with_index do |slide, index|
        = f.input "slide_"+(index+1).to_s, :collection =>{|w| [, w._id]}
        = f.commit_button

This is the error I get:

NoMethodError in Collage#edit

Showing /Users/nickgoddard/codebase/subrosa/app/views/collage/_form.html.haml where line #7 raised:

undefined method `slide_1' for []:Array

Any help much appreciated. I don't really understand what the first attribute after f.input is or is supposed to do.

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If you want to make the form based upon a collage it would be easier to have a collage model. – zeeraw Feb 14 '12 at 12:55

You can't do a form that way without a model, but this should get you past that.

Is there any way to create a form with formtastic without a model?

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