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I have request agent and several resource agents in my project. I created a agent application and when I run this application every time I got one result. thats mean I call methods step by step without going accessing these behaviours in random order. How can I implement this random behaviour in jade without using random? Because my supervisor does not like to use Random in Agent behaviour.

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You have a deterministic multi-agent system implemented in Jade and want to make it into something unpredictable through a random behavior access. You can instantiate the agent behaviors as DelayBehaviour with random access time. You need to change the random seed each time the system runs; otherwise, it will still be deterministic. Therefore, each time the system runs it has different random execution time for each behavior.

Look at the JADE Tutorial and Primer chapter 6 for a comprehensive documentation about it:


Independent Random Generators

If your supervisor does not like the word Random you can call this approach "not deterministic behavior calls (NDBC)", but it is random anyway.

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thanks for your kindness to reply this...:) – Rosh Feb 13 '12 at 15:20

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