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I want to be able to populate a bitmap and an arraylist stored inside a an SD card.

Now in android developers the String[]from hold the keys which a hashmap loads the item used in each key.

SimpleAdapter(Context context, List<? extends Map<String, ?>> data, int resource, String[] from, int[] to)

My problem is more of how would I display an actual Bitmap image since I know of the "site" using an example of HashMap.put(ImageKey, which is an integer not a bitmap.

My question is "How do you load a bitmap inside a SimpleAdapter?".

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The quick answer is that you don't. The longer version is that you need to make your own BaseAdapter subclass where you can make the row look like anything that you want. Have a look at this chapter from one of Commonware's books. It'll take you through the process.

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You will have to set a viewbinder using api setViewBinder . You will have to implement SimpleAdapter.ViewBinder and you will get callback for every item in setViewValue function. Return true when you have set the data as image and return false for the adapter itself to handle binding

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