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Ia m using ViewFlipper in my app, and to move inside the pages, I use a Button for next and capturing the onBackPressing to return back.

the behavior is the following:

1) I click on button and move to 2 page. 2) click back and code work 3) click again on the button next 4) click back and now wont work anymore

on the step 4, I can feel the vibration, so the event fire, but my viewflipper wont to go back.

Any suggestion?


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Some code would be most helpful is diagnosing this issue... –  Devunwired Feb 10 '12 at 16:24
Sorry, problem solved (bug found), if you set the focus of an editText on the second page, then the back button don't work anymore. –  Giuseppe Feb 11 '12 at 19:27
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public void onBackPressed() {

        if (flipView.getDisplayedChild() == 1) {

        } else if (flipView.getDisplayedChild() == 0) {


This works perfectly for me. Change onBackPressed to what ever method is calling the back button.

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