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how can i pass variable in the command instead of hard coding it. I am running this subversion command in ant script to checkout latest code and I want to pass the destination folder and username and password as variables. Is it possible?

<exec executable="svn"> 
    <arg line="co -r HEAD      
c:\CruiseControl\projects\svnTest\svn --username admin --password admin" />     
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Use a property for each parameter, either inline your antscript:

<!-- also possible to use property name=... location=... -->
<property name="destdir" value="c:/CruiseControl/projects/svnTest/svn"/>
<property name="username" value="admin"/>
<property name="pass" value="admin"/>

or create some propertyfile foo.properties with the lines :

:: use path separator unix style '/', java(ant) will handle it correctly
:: no need to use '\\'

and load it into your antscript via :

<property file="foo.properties"/>

then your exec task will look like :

<exec executable="svn"> 
 <arg line="co -r HEAD      
${destdir} --username ${username} --password ${pass}" />     

see ant manual > property task for details.

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