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I was using the FreeImageNET libary to Quantize my Bitmap as

using (FreeImageAPI.FreeImageBitmap fiBitmap = FreeImageAPI.FreeImageBitmap.FromHbitmap(bmp.GetHbitmap()))
                if (fiBitmap.ColorDepth > 24)

                //quantize using the NeuQuant neural-net quantization algorithm 
                fiBitmap.Quantize(FreeImageAPI.FREE_IMAGE_QUANTIZE.FIQ_NNQUANT, 256);

                fiBitmap.Save("test_z.png", FreeImageAPI.FREE_IMAGE_FORMAT.FIF_PNG, FreeImageAPI.FREE_IMAGE_SAVE_FLAGS.PNG_Z_BEST_COMPRESSION);


This gives me a PNG-8, with a palette of 256 colors. Using Photoshop I found, I could further reduce the size if I used Adaptive Algorithm with reduced color palette say 128, 64, 16 etc. Reopening it again shows Photoshop fills in grey levels in those remaining(higher) indexes.

I cannot get FreeImageAPI.FreeImageBitmap.Quantize() to churn out a similar PNG, with limited palette, a la PIL convert() where you can specify both the algorithm and the palette size.


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Ended up re-implementing quantization by using open-source codes from the Internet.

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Awww, probably you can't, but would have loved to see some source code or more details in your answer, as I'm working on the same thing myself. – eselk Apr 24 '12 at 22:28
Me too. Also, which algorithm did you decide on? – wil Nov 13 '13 at 8:56
Hadn't checked in a while, I went with Octree quantization, code available here… – nbaztec Nov 26 '14 at 15:23

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