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I have a SSIS package that is stored in a SQL Server 2005 DB. I am trying to execute this package from a stored procedure on the same server. Is there a better way than exec master..xp_cmdshell 'dtexec /SQL...

I am running into (I think) file system permission issues with xp_cmdshell that is preventing execution

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I recommend using Agent instead:

  1. Create Agent proxy account for the account that will run the job
  2. Create Agent job that runs this package
  3. Make it use the proxy account created in #1
  4. Test the job
  5. In SQL code, use sp_start_job to start this job

The downside is that you can't easily pass the parameters from SQL to the package this way.

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I recently came up with a detailed solution based on this idea for anyone that needs an example through this stackoverflow question –  Simple Sandman Jan 14 at 14:47

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