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Looks like _compile_select is deprecated and get_compiled_select is not added to 2.1.0. Are there any other functions like those two? And also I am curious. Is there any particular reason to not adding get_compiled_select() to Active Record and removing _compile_select?

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I've added get_compiled_select() to DB_active_rec.php and it seems to work without problem, but i wouldn't remove _compile_select() since it's used in many other methods.

The pull request for adding this method is here, with some other useful methods like:

  • get_compiled_select()
  • get_compiled_insert()
  • get_compiled_update()
  • get_compiled_delete()


if you want just the method, it's just this:

 * Get SELECT query string
 * Compiles a SELECT query string and returns the sql.
 * @access  public
 * @param   string  the table name to select from (optional)
 * @param   boolean TRUE: resets AR values; FALSE: leave AR vaules alone
 * @return  string
public function get_compiled_select($table = '', $reset = TRUE)
    if ($table != '')

    $select =  $this->_compile_select();

    if ($reset === TRUE)

    return $select;
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